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This page is still waiting for me to have enough time to care about putting more stuff in, embellish and add some magic for visitors to wonder about.

Infos about me?

I'm an Informatics Engineer with passion for knowledge, interface design, cultures and any kind of games.

If you're interested in collaborations, help or, of course, if you are willing to HIRE ME, contact me:

(+52-1) 55-5409-9054
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Websites portfolio

The following list is about some important websites I developed that are still public.
The enterprise portal of the biggest Mexican telecommunication provider, for which I've been the responsible for the architecture and software solution, and leader of the development team.
Aviso Oportuno and Aviso Oportuno Express
A mexican classifieds website where I've developed the whole public User Interface and part of the back-end.
Aknowledgments: AO and AOE.
Central Deportiva
Sport website, where I've developed the whole public User Interface and created a simple web framework that is being used for the public interface.
Aknowledgments: CD.
Mejores Universidades de M�xico
Website about best universities in Mexico, completely developed by me using Drupal 6.
Aknowledgments: MUM.

Open source project

Since 2010 I begun to make my first steps into the open source world. Here you can find a list of the most significant ones:

A PHP framework focused on making back-end development quick and easy, letting the developer focusing on front-end customization.
MDP is a little plugin that enables jQuery UI calendar to manage multiple dates.
Dubrox's PHP Debugger
This is a PHP script that allows to display PHP errors in a most easy-to-read way, and to write all those errors in a specific position of the result page (for example: all errors listed at the bottom of your HTML page, just before the ending of body tag).
Allows to use PHP to manipulate a (X)HTML DOM almost the same way you would do with jQuery.
Last update: 2014-09-20

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